In the first place and before going into detail about the ingredients of the gluten-free churros recipe, we must know what Gluten is and how it affects some people its consumption.

Gluten is an amorphous protein that is mixed with starch in many cereals common in the Western human diet, such as wheat, barley, oats and rye. This substance is composed of gliadins and glutenins resulting, the first of them, really dangerous for people intolerant to this protein. At present, cereals have a greater amount of this protein than in previous times, being increasingly frequent to find cases of diseases related to the intolerance to this substance. A lot of foods in our diet are made up of these cereals, especially wheat. Breads, pastries, cookies, etc. they are composed by them. And because the use of gluten generates a soft and pleasant texture for food and increases the sensory properties of these, they are also found in yoghurts, sweets, sausages, sauces and a wide variety of foods.

As a general rule, our digestive enzymes degrade proteins into substances called peptides in order to absorb their components one by one. But gluten contains a variety of peptides that can react some organisms in the opposite way, being altered and put on alert after detecting gluten consumption. These organisms react by generating an inflammatory response, creating a state of stress for our defenses. This type of organisms do not tolerate the intake of these proteins and therefore generate an intolerance towards them. If this intolerance occurs permanently, it will be considered a genetic disease called celiac disease.

Each time there are more cases of intolerance to gluten in humans, being forced to generate food solutions for this group of people. These solutions involve generating a multitude of recipes that substitute the initial ones and creating other foods that lack the presence of this protein, which is so harmful and problematic for some organisms. And how could it be otherwise, this solution also came to the world of pastry, pastries and churros.

How to make recipes for gluten-free churros?

According to the Federation of Associations of Celiacs in Spain, the ingredients for making extraordinary churros without gluten are: Flour without gluten, water and salt. As you can see, it is as simple as it is obvious, but we should not stop emphasizing which ingredients should avoid the gluten intolerant ones.

As for its preparation we would like to tell you beforehand the quantities, which will vary greatly depending on the number of churros you want to make. To give an example and to serve also as guidance in subsequent elaborations, we will use the following measures: 1 glass of water, 1 glass of gluten-free flour and a pinch of salt.

Later we will perform the following steps:

– Boil the water in a container.

– Meanwhile, mix the gluten-free flour and salt in a bowl.

– Once the water has boiled, pour it into the flour mixture without gluten and salt, stirring it all with the help of a utensil to avoid burns. Once the kneading process is finished and when you have obtained a homogeneous and pleasant texture, let it rest for about 10 minutes.

– Then pour the dough into a pastry bag or dispenser and fry the dough in plenty of very hot oil.

– Finally, remove the churros and drain the excess oil before placing.

Flour without gluten for churros.

While it is true that most of the great churros teachers, specialists in flour and mass producers and prepared for churros indicate that the best type of flour to make churros is the so-called “force flour”, it is also true that They can make an extraordinary churros with softer and gluten-free flours. As we indicated in our previous post “Ingredients of the dough of Churros”, there is a great variety of flours to make churros, also indicating what are those types of flours.

Applying common sense, we would never use this type of flour with a high gluten content to prepare a recipe for gluten-free Churros. Therefore, we should look for flours without this protein to make our churros.

Churros without gluten.

Since the main ingredient to make any type of churro, whatever its denomination or termination is the same (Flour), we will have to have the same consideration as to make masses for churros. It is very simple, for people who tolerate gluten: strength flour with high gluten content and for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance: Flours without Gluten.

The way to perform them, quantities and subsequent procedure does not vary. In the same way, we would like to indicate the detail that the behavior of these flours can vary, having many factors to consider such as the temperature and texture of the flour, the ambient temperature and the temperature of the oil.

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