On November 10, the 2nd Meeting of the Guadalinfo Impulsa program was held in Antequera. It involved 35 innovators and 20 mentors, who were expectant and comfortable during the day, emphasizing in the end, that the program had exceeded all initial expectations.

The meeting began with Ismael Perea, General Director of the Fernando de los Ríos Consortium and Lucía Aguilar, Director of Innovation, emphasizing the purpose of Guadalinfo to continue betting on the ideas of entrepreneurs.

In the first part of the meeting, mentors and innovators were divided into two rooms, where they interacted and attended to the instructions of great experts. In the mentor room, Luis Navarro, Technician of the Fernando de los Ríos Consortium, introduced the mentors to the Innycia community, while the Executive Coach, Juan Diego Salinas, worked on mentoring skills training. On the other hand, Jesús Feás, tutor of the training course that participants of the Guadalinfo Impulsa program are receiving, reviewed the business plan, the marketing plan, in analysis of the environment … making the innovators see the usual errors or the fundamental factors to develop your projects correctly.

In a second part of the meeting, the innovators received advice on techniques of presentation and communication, which they could put into practice minutes later during the elevetor pitch technique. Each innovator briefly presented his project to the mentors, explaining their idea and why they think it can work.

At lunchtime, the mentors could give their first impressions to the innovators, in a networking, the best technique to establish relationships and seek business opportunities. The meal was the starting point in the mentor-mentee relationship. During the afternoon several dynamics were carried out to create alliances between innovators and mentors. Each mentor individually explained their professional and / or business experience, their strengths and encouraged innovators to move forward and never throw in the towel.

The Second Meeting of Guadalinfo Impulsa took place in a pleasant atmosphere, where at all times there was interest and enthusiasm for the implementation of this mentoring process that the program makes available to mentors and innovators, in the following gallery you can see some photos of the meeting.

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