More than twenty years developing the activity we give know-how and expertise in machinery for churros and chips which is our main asset.


More than 300 references in our catalog patented machinery, 1500 customers and 600 suppliers warranty. We export to more than 20 countries.


In the design of the machines and the production process. smaller and ergonomic machines with a pioneering idea: sustainability and environmental care.

We design, manufacture and distribute machinery for churros and chips

A concrete plan of action, serious and based on our full knowledge of the manufacturing process and customer needs.

We adapt to your requirements, offering a personalized, efficient service and warranty.

Some of our machines.

We create machines with minimal energy consumption and emissions are much lower than gas competition.

Our production plant is equipped with computerized and robotized, in order to ensure fast, efficient and accurate production with the highest quality machinery.

Our unified standard parts system allows us to send them anywhere in the world with the security of a perfect fit.

Why Churrospain?

We are part of the project and form of each of our clients, advising them at all times and offering a friendly and qualified treatment. In this way we get that every customer is our best and faithful ambassador.

Cordial and qualified treatment
703.000.000 kg.

livestock production


annual growth



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