Electric industrial fryers are one of the machines that have experienced the greatest growth in the churros sector in recent years. Little by little, and thanks to their benefits, they have been making their way in a world in which they were mostly gas. This increase has gone hand in hand with the technical advances and in terms of safety that manufacturers of machinery for churros has been implementing in them. And, as it could not be otherwise, ChurroSpain has been at the forefront of this technology adapting its already recognized gas fryers to models that use electricity as a primary source of energy.

As a result of our efforts, we have designed and manufactured several models of electric fryers to solve the needs of our customers. We are proud to present three models of electric fryers: the most simple and economical, desktop electric fryer; the new and innovative design of the 10 Kw electric fryer and the most complete, safe and efficient electric industrial fryer.

Its features are very varied: from the simplest, with manual drives and analog work and safety thermostats; to the most advanced, with digital work and safety thermostats, safety on / off switches, certified electrical protections and the best materials.

Within our website, you can choose from a wide range of possibilities. Find the one that best suits your needs and, if there is something you can not find, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

As for its versatility, we would like to emphasize that not only is it capable of frying all types of doughs and products, but it can also be adapted to any establishment. Caravans, street vendors, food trucks, traditional churrerías, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels are several of the examples where this type of electric industrial fryer is currently operating.

It treats of industrial machinery with a normative and a system of manufacturing certificates to fulfill all the requirements of security of operation and installation. Compliance with CE regulations is present in all the elements that comprise our fryers and, in turn, all of them.

Electric fryer for restoration.

This type of industrial fryers are ideal for this business model and establishment. Remember that they work with a source of clean energy such as electricity and its installation is very simple. This is machinery with an installation system very similar to the so-called “pug and play”, that is, “plug-connect and use”. You do not need any accessory installation or big changes in your premises. Although, your local should be prepared to connect each model depending on the voltage and power consumption of this. Therefore, you should consult the specific technical characteristics of the desired fryer model and see if it suits your room or see what modifications you need to use it.

And, as it could not be otherwise, ChurroSpain can adapt its fryers to the characteristics of its premises. We can help you in the perfect local-fryer coupling. For this we offer electric industrial fryers of different voltages, powers and consumptions; always complying with the established safety and assembly requirements. This helps us design and manufacture fryers that are safe, efficient and with minimum electrical consumption.

The best industrial fryer for churros.

We always refer to it: “The best industrial fryer for churros is one that perfectly suits you and your business.” That’s why there is no Top or best fryer, but rather we could answer this question with: “The best industrial fryer is yours”

In the market you will find a multitude of models of fryers, ranging from simple and functional models to models that present a wide variety of appliances, light and device displays. Do not hesitate, expressly acquire what your business needs, following a simple rule: Your business needs a safe, efficient and safe fryer. Everything else, as additional elements, are fine, but they are not necessary.

Tips for making all kinds of dough.

First, we advise you to have good products, especially flour. This component is essential to obtain a suitable mass. Depending on the type of dough you want to make, you must choose the strength of the corresponding flour. To help you, you can check our post. How do you make churros and batons? in which we refer to the different types of doughs, flours and their amounts of gluten, which are the characteristics that mark the strength of this.

We also advise you, considering this a very important aspect, to control the temperature of the flour at all times. Expert pastry and churreros indicate this factor as one of the most important when it comes to making a good dough.


To summarize: The best industrial electric fryer is one that adapts to your needs, no more, no less. This must be functional, safe, efficient and guarantee. It does not need more. It must be versatile to adapt to your business model and be at your service in an easy and intuitive way.

We are convinced that we can offer you that type of fryer, yours. From ChurroSpain we are at your entire disposal. All our workshop and human group is willing to help you. Ask us