We want to remember with pleasure and satisfaction the intense days lived in the past month of June for us.

Our company, headed by its CEO, María José Domínguez, attended the delivery ceremony of the 5th Edition of the Andalusia Undertakes Awards. We went to her as a Finalist in the Creation Category, being such a recognition a tremendous pride for us. The aforementioned edition presented a total of 50 companies from the province of Seville, all of them supervised by the Andalusian Centers of Entrepreneurship. Of these 50 participants, 10 finalist projects were selected, 5 in the Creation category for newly constituted companies and 5 in the Consolidation category, between three and seven years of experience.

This award ceremony aimed to reward innovative companies, recently established or already consolidated with greater growth potential linked to Andalusia Undertakes and promoted for the fifth time by the Ministry of Knowledge, Research and Universities, through Andalucía Emprende, recognizing to the most innovative Andalusian companies with the greatest potential for growth and development. In the same way, these editions aim to promote business contacts between the different projects and organizations linked to the business sector and innovation. Of those five projects we were not lucky enough to be the winners, but we were enormously satisfied and proud of who we are, Having the certainty that a hard road awaits us, very hard, but more exciting and exciting if possible.

We would like to give our most sincere congratulations to all the Organizers, sponsors, participants and, of course, the winners. Also thank the Hon. City Hall of El Ronquillo (Seville) for joining us in this edition, being able to perceive at first hand its tremendous willingness and collaboration with our exciting project, knowing that the name of El Ronquillo will be linked to the ChurroSpain gala, wherever our path goes.

Only two days later, we went this time to the Internationalization Day organized by Andalusia Undertakes on June 14, 2018 and in collaboration with organizations and entities related to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, our CEO María José Domínguez, intervened as a speaker at the table organized round In it he was able to share, learn and grow in knowledge about the process of Internationalization of a company.

From here we want to thank all the great professionals, the general public, mentors, agents and tutors of all the organizers and collaborators. Such extraordinary professional work must always be recognized, and from our humble company, we would like to send you the greatest of our congratulations.

Congratulations, therefore, Andalusia Undertakes.

Thank you all.

The final day brought together all the participants in Seville, who had a meeting with Manuel Ortigosa, General Director of Telecommunications and the Information Society, and presented their projects to investors.

The first edition of the Guadalinfo Impulsa innovation acceleration program was closed on April 8 in Seville with the presentation to investors of the projects that have completed the training and assessment program begun in July. The day brought together entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and experts in the shuttle company Cubo Andalusia Open Future has in Seville. Before presenting before investors what were only ideas in July, the innovators and mentors of Guadalinfo Impulsa held a meeting with Manuel Ortigosa, Dtor. General Manager of Telecommunications and Information Society; Ismael Perea, Dtor. General of the CFR; and Luis Navarro, CFR project manager.

Guadalinfo Impulsa is an initiative promoted by the Fernando de los Ríos Consortium (entity managed by Guadalifo on behalf of the 8 provincial councils and the Junta de Andalucía). It is an intensive program of training, accompaniment and advice from experts and mentors to people with an idea and with the purpose of turning it into a business project.

Twelve entrepreneurial initiatives, which entered the program as incipient ideas, have participated in the third and final stage of the program: the two-week stay in a company shuttle and presentation to investors.

For two weeks the participants have contacted other members of the Andalusian business ecosystem. In Malaga, six of the entrepreneurs have worked in the “La Farola” building while in Seville the other six participants in “The Cube”, both centers of Andalusia Open Future, have done it.

These two weeks of training and contacts have been the final springboard for their projects to make the leap to the market: they have lived together in a coworking space, improved their professional skills and personal skills, and started to relate to the Andalusian business fabric.

On November 10, the 2nd Meeting of the Guadalinfo Impulsa program was held in Antequera. It involved 35 innovators and 20 mentors, who were expectant and comfortable during the day, emphasizing in the end, that the program had exceeded all initial expectations.

The meeting began with Ismael Perea, General Director of the Fernando de los Ríos Consortium and Lucía Aguilar, Director of Innovation, emphasizing the purpose of Guadalinfo to continue betting on the ideas of entrepreneurs.

In the first part of the meeting, mentors and innovators were divided into two rooms, where they interacted and attended to the instructions of great experts. In the mentor room, Luis Navarro, Technician of the Fernando de los Ríos Consortium, introduced the mentors to the Innycia community, while the Executive Coach, Juan Diego Salinas, worked on mentoring skills training. On the other hand, Jesús Feás, tutor of the training course that participants of the Guadalinfo Impulsa program are receiving, reviewed the business plan, the marketing plan, in analysis of the environment … making the innovators see the usual errors or the fundamental factors to develop your projects correctly.

In a second part of the meeting, the innovators received advice on techniques of presentation and communication, which they could put into practice minutes later during the elevetor pitch technique. Each innovator briefly presented his project to the mentors, explaining their idea and why they think it can work.

At lunchtime, the mentors could give their first impressions to the innovators, in a networking, the best technique to establish relationships and seek business opportunities. The meal was the starting point in the mentor-mentee relationship. During the afternoon several dynamics were carried out to create alliances between innovators and mentors. Each mentor individually explained their professional and / or business experience, their strengths and encouraged innovators to move forward and never throw in the towel.

The Second Meeting of Guadalinfo Impulsa took place in a pleasant atmosphere, where at all times there was interest and enthusiasm for the implementation of this mentoring process that the program makes available to mentors and innovators, in the following gallery you can see some photos of the meeting.

We have already launched our new product catalog, called: ChurroSpain Catalog 2017. A catalog of churros and catering machinery for distributors and customers of our brand.

Our Catalog ChurroSpain 2017 designed and edited by our own company and designed by Papelería San Fernando (Seville), is a small sample of a part of our products and manufactured. Printed in full color, grouped by families of churros as well as catering and comfortable to visualize, it becomes an essential tool to provide distributors and customers with knowledge about measurements, technical specifications and photos of our wide range of products, as well as an extensive range of spare parts specific to the sector. A laborious work full of multiple details to take care of: from the design, layout and manufacture of each product, its subsequent process of finishing, cleaning and labeling, photography session, editing of images, collection of measurements and data, etc., etc. All these data have been filtered by their importance and organized in an orderly manner on a computer support. From there it has gone through an exhaustive process of verification and verification, once verified, sent to the press.

On the cover of the Catalog ChurroSpain 2017 the orange color predominates, which we will discuss in future publications and where our corporate logo and our company’s name can be seen. Inside pages you can find an index identifying family of products, as well as their position within it. We have put all our dedication, enthusiasm and effort in the realization of this catalog and we are very proud of it. Every photograph, design, page or detail we have treated with a special affection.

It is already being distributed throughout the national territory. If you are interested in obtaining the ChurroSpain 2017 Catalog and have not yet received it, please do not hesitate to contact us and request it. We hope that it will please everyone, and that it will help us to continue our best efforts: Satisfying customers.

Thank you for your trust.

The fritter dough is composed of flour, water and salt cooked in oil. the origins of this tradition are unknown. There are many theories …. The source has several aspects, one of which indicates that comes with pasta and other bodies in ancient China.

Is Marco Polo, the Venetian traveler who is in charge to take it to Europe, where it is established in Spain, as do the pizzas and pasta in Italy. Some suggest that consumed in Catalonia began in the early nineteenth century, others that the Arabs brought to the peninsula, others point to the shepherds, deriving its name from cattle churro, as the creators of this delicacy.

In any case, there is no documentation of their origin. Even that was the Egyptian civilization which already had peculiar food, as seen in this picture. Tomb of Ramses III in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. making bread is shown. If you look good a person appears with two sticks in front of a fire cauldron carrying what looks like a wheel Churros. Could this be the origin of the Churro? …

After many months preparing the business plan, budgets, licenses, openness, security plans … We already have corporate image!

icono_churrospainThe logo design and stationery was the work of Alicia Martin Lopez, a designer and Spanish digital artist recipient of the prestigious Fulbright has recently completed extensive training in New York and has had the opportunity to work on major advertising agencies country.

The work was coordinated by Jesus Feás Muñoz (Píxima Internet) who has developed the website and has implemented our ERP system. The website, in English and Spanish, has a modern graphical aspect, it is very simple to use and is accessible from any device and enables us to publish our news on Facebook and Twitter, to show our catalog machinery and receive customer inquiries , suppliers and distributors.